Green/Natural Products

Environmentally friendly natural products

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way of insulating your home, get in touch with Apex Insulation Supplies Ltd. We offer a wide range of green and natural insulation products.

Quality natural insulation

At Apex Insulation Supplies Ltd, we offer a variety of green and natural insulation materials to help you save on energy costs. These products are made from natural materials such as wood fibre and sheeps wool.

We can supply insulation products for walls, ceilings and floors, for properties throughout Tibshelf. Get in touch with us today for more information.
Roofing insulation
Call Apex Insulation Supplies Ltd on 01773 875 511 for green/natural insulation products in Tibshelf and the midlands .
Roofing work
Wall insulation supplies
Breathable insulations
Acoustic board

Our range of natural products

  • Roofs: Isolair, Pavatherm-Plus and Pavaflex

  • Walls: Diffutherm, Diffuboard, Isolair and Pavatherm-Plus

  • Attic: Pavatherm, Pavaflex, Pavaboard, Softboard Standard and Pavastep

  • Floors: Pavaflex, Pavatherm, Pavaboard, Softboard Standard and Pavastep

  • Therma fleece: Sheep wool Insulation

  • Phonestar acoustic board
You can also come to us for window and ventilation insulation services.
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